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Nobody knows yurts like Pacific Yurts

Beyond competitive pricing and outstanding service, our customers tell us we offer a benefit of even greater value. We offer them the confidence that comes when you know you have invested wisely -- whether in your business or in the quality of your lifestyle. That comes from working with a company that knows what it is doing... a company that developed the modern lattice wall yurt over 37 years ago and has been responsible for most of its advances in the years since... a company of quality fanatics whose product has no equal.

When you purchase a Pacific Yurt, you are purchasing the finest yurt in the world. Of that you can be confident.

"In the nearly 30 years since Bair founded his company, Pacific Yurts has maintained its status as the world's leading yurt manufacturing company by continuously implementing technical and structural advancements, adding innovative options and remaining committed to unrivaled customer service."
- Woodall's Campground Management, March 2007
"I chose Pacific Yurts because of their reputation, dependability of the company and excellent customer service. I am thrilled to have such a fantastic space. What Pacific Yurts is offering is amazing!"
- Laine S., Maine


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